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Our Approach


Our philosophy is to outpace the competition at every turn.  Luckily, our competition runs on old copper wire, we on fiber.  It is like "speed of light" competing with a Model-T.


Our Story

Our Beginnings

Our business began here over 20 years ago, some customers since 1998.  Texans, returning from California, quickly realized that no big internet existed.  So we built upon and expanded an early fiber play into the most modern network existing today.  Our group runs the gamut from pioneers to younger programmers and installers.  We are passionate about what we do.  We bring it!

Meet the Team

Locally-sourced internet provided by locally-sourced people.  We are passionate about what we do.  Our desire is to always dominate our competitors; and we do, day in and day out.

Law firms, hotels, convention areas?  We dominate there, too.  Meet our people.  We are on your team.


Ken McNerney


Ken McNerney maintains fiscal responsibilities and keeps all in line and on budget.  Ken is a mergers and acquisitions guy, running divisions of large banks in past years, choosing the entrepreneurial path recently.  Ken deals at the highest levels, having been involved in major mergers and fundings.

Nick Costas

Nick Costas


Nick Costas has participated in large fiber projects and internet delivery for two decades.  Nick was responsible for 4,500 miles of fiber in Mexico and much wireless deployment.

Nick played football at Texas Tech and follows the team's success.  A Dallasite by birth, Nick is well-known here.

bobby SD bay

Bobby Vassallo


Bobby Vassallo has built or participated in fiber and internet projects on 4 continents.  Bobby is a valued source of wisdom of projects large and small and has been a featured speaker at conventions on the subject of fiber, submarine fiber, wireless and the like.  Vassallo has built networks domestic and foreign. He is passionate in his pursuit of building perfect networks.

Next Steps...

A 15 minute visit and we will revolutionize your business.  Don't continue to suffer with unusable cloud services, bad VoIP phones.  CALL US!  469-646-4362